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Many patients in Europe, who want to have implant treatment, request for information for treatment in Turkey. Before talking about the implant, let’s answer the question: ‘Why should a patient in Europe come to Turkey for implant treatment?’. Because there are many special advantages for these patients.

Implant Treatment Planning for patients from Europe

Communication through e-mail, telephone call, online contact or WhatsApp will be provided before you come to Turkey. You may send us panoramic X-ray by e-mail or cargo. Our experienced dental implant specialist will examine the X-ray and plan the treatment proper for you. Price is determied at that step too.

Easy appointment for dental implant treatment for patients from Europe Following the treatment planning for dental implant, an appointment will be made with you.

Airport transfer for dental implant treatment

We have airport transfer service for all our patients coming to Turkey from abroad for dental implant treatment.

Hotel and pensioning services for our patients

We have pensioning service in our hotels with pre-arrangement. Our patients have a comfortable time during their stay in Turkey for dental implant treatment.

Trip and guide support for our patients

Our patients will have the opportunity to visit İstanbul through our tour company's trips while they are getting their dental implant treatment.

Communication with our patients who prefer Turkey for dental implant treatment

You may ask any question through our communication form, and get detailed information from our specialists. You may fill in our communication form as well. Our International Patient Department will contact you as soon as possible.

Implant Treatment in Turkey – Implant Teatment from Europe to Turkey

Cost effective implant treatment in Turkey leads to frequent dental toursim visit of European citizens.

Comparison of Implant Prices between Europe and Turkey

The most important detail when comparing prices of impnat applications between Europe and Turkey is the brand of the implants. Then you will note that the prices of implants in Turkey are much lower than European Union countries, England or many other countries for the same brand.

It is possible for you to take the highly qualified implant application and brand in Turkey with a price as low as one third of the European countries. You may thus recieve a world standard health service to the best price. You will stay in the best hotels of Istanbul as well, and have an amazing holiday while you are under your implant treatment. It should not be forgotten that the brand of the implant and the treatment method your dentist will use, and his experience are important factors that affect the price of the treatment.

Why is Implant Treatment Cheaper in Turkey Compared to Europe?

Implant treatment is cheaper in Turkey compared to Europe. Because prices of implants are defined according to the economic status of the countries. Even when the brand of the implant is same, the total cost in Europe is much higher than the cost in Turkey.

2019 Prices of Implants in Turkey

Prices of implants in Turkey and economic payment alternatives makes Turkey a preferrable country for European patients as well.

Price of implant treatment in Dentadent Oral and Dental Health Hospital is 399 Euros. You can get detailed information on implant treatment in Turkey and prices of implants in Europe by contacting Dentadent Oral and Dental Health Hospital. We would like to inform European patients about implant treatment. We are looking forward to meeting you.


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